How we started...

Prague Town Hall 2004.  Two of our friends chose to get married in the beautiful city of Prague.  They didn't have a clue what the wedding official was saying but they nodded their head and said 'yes' in all the right places so everything went OK. I had an interest in photography since I was young but decided to take a small camcorder to Prague and filmed some of the celebrations. This wasn't in any official capacity at all, I just videoed it as any guest would.

When I got home and reviewed the footage, well, it wasn't brilliant but I thought I had enough to make a very condensed version of their wedding day and put it to music - "I'll Stand By You" by The Pretenders.  Our friends loved it and that's when we decided to take it further.

We did a lot of research and invested in some professional equipment.  In order to build up a portfolio we posted onto offering to do a free wedding video for three couples providing they understood that the results may not be perfect..  As you can imagine, we were inundated.

We were very apprehensive before our first wedding but it went really well. But it was the third one, Rachael and Rob which really set the ball rolling.  Rachael was an avid Hitcher (somebody who spends a lot of time on and posted a link to the video.

That one video had something like 400 views in one day and created a further five bookings for us and we think the reason was because of Ewan McGregor - see 'Your Song' to the right.


Your Song...

Our third couple, Rachael and Rob, chose to have 'Your Song' by Ewan McGregor from the film 'Moulin Rouge' as the backing to their highlights sequence.  This was a great song to edit to as it has lots of crescendos and varying tempos.  They loved it.  As did many of the people who saw it from the link to it Rachael posted on Hitched.  We have since produced highlight sequences to 'Your Song' for four other couples - all of which can somehow be traced back to the first one we did. We got all 'Your Song'ed out and I was even thinking of offering a discount to any couple who chose NOT to include it.

Anyway, I'm delighted to have found a copy of that very first 'Your Song' from many years ago.  It's quite low resolution so won't look good full screen.  It still makes us smile watching it.  Enjoy.

Our name...

Like most businesses, we struggled to come up with a name. "Ian and Paula's Really Good Wedding Film Company" didn't exactly roll off the tongue.  We've been to Dubai a few times and whenever we could we would stay at the One And Only Royal Mirage.  Ta-da!  One And Only is an international hotel group but we though we'd borrow the name for our wedding video business.