Our service...£1095

Unlike many other video companies we don't really have a set of packages with a low headline price which soon mounts up when you add extras.  Nor do we charge a fee for a set number of hours.

Our pricing is much simpler. If your wedding is within 40 miles of Preston our fee is £1095 with nothing more to add on and no fear of us leaving early because you've ran out of hours.  This includes the copyright fees that we pay for the music on your DVDs.

Click on a heading below for more information on our service.

If your wedding is further afield please get in touch and we'll give you a personal quotation.

What you get...

What we do...

How to book...

The small print...

We aim to have your film finished within six weeks of your wedding. Once complete you will receive:

  • Three DVDs with chapter points for each section of your day;
  • A high definition Blu-ray;
  • All footage uploaded to a private area on the Internet;
  • A USB key which includes high definition versions of all the footage which you can plug directly into most modern TVs. It will also include versions suitable for mobile phones and tablets.

We also include a condensed highlight clip of your day to music of your choosing. Please see the examples to the right.

Every wedding is different but typically this is what we do:

  • Arrive early at wherever the bride is getting ready and film all of the chaos (!) that the groom would otherwise never see;
  • Leave in good time to get to the ceremony venue to set up our equipment, meet the officials and film the guests and wedding party arriving;
  • Of course we then film the ceremony and all of the post-ceremony activity;
  • We then head to the reception venue and film the guests and wedding party mingling;
  • The formal reception is next where we'll record all of the speeches;
  • We stop filming while you're eating and have something to eat ourselves;
  • Then it's onto the evening celebrations including of course the all important first dance;
  • Finally, for us, it's the recording of the guests' messages.
  • We'll finish when we decide that we've got as many messages as we're likely to get - usually some time between 9.00 and 11.00pm.
  • We haven't forgotten the cake cutting but its time varies - don't worry though - we'll be there..

To book One And Only Films to film your wedding or ask us any questions please either fill out our contact form or email us.

We will get back to you to confirm availability.  We will check a few more details with you in order that we can complete a contract.  We'll email the contract to you for your approval and signature.  A booking fee of £150 is payable when you return the contract.

About 4-6 weeks before your wedding we will arrange to meet up with you to go through your big day in detail - names of the wedding party, running order etc.

The balance of our fee is payable 2 weeks before your wedding.

We'll see you on your wedding day!


It's not really small print but we think this information is important whether you book us or any other company.


We will do our best to provide coverage of everything listed on our service page but please be aware of the following - all of which will be discussed with you.



Depending on the distance between venues some coverage may not be possible or may be shortened.



It is essential that you get permission from whomever is conducting your wedding to have it filmed. Sadly we have had a handful of instances where the official has not allowed filming or has imposed strict conditions which greatly compromises what we can do. We think this may be because they've had bad experiences in the past or are worried we will be constantly moving about. We don't do that. You can help put their mind at rest by explaining how we work. Ideally we put a camera at the back of the venue while the guests are arriving. We then use the other camera to film the bridal party arriving outside. We then go to the front of the venue before the bride starts walking down the aisle and we stay there until the ceremony is over. We prefer to put that front camera at the two o'clock position from the bride and groom.  We'd be more than happy to speak to any official for you. On the right there is a clip of Emily and Chris' wedding - this is an example of a wedding where we weren't allowed at the front of the church.


Guests' messages

During the evening function we invite people to leave a personal message for you. These can be funny but also very moving...and occasionally a bit risqué. In order for us to provide this service we will need a small area away from the noise of the party.


Good sound

The only way to capture those all important vows with perfect clarity is to put a small microphone on the groom's lapel just before the ceremony starts; this connects to a small transmitter which we place in his pocket or attach to his waistband.  If you'd rather not do this that is of course fine but please note that the sound quality will suffer.  And yes, we have had a groom go to the toilet with the microphone still on but no, we didn't use it.